Difficulties of the tourist translation

es, echoing us the definition of tourism that gives us the UNWTO, defined tourism as an economic and social activity that provides service to persons who are displaced from their place of residence, either inside or outside their country, an activity intercultural e intralingual that unites to the cultures, languages and places, we can get an idea of the importance that acquires the tourist translation.

With tourist translation referring to the translation of any material such as brochures, catalogues, information posters, menus, guides to museums… which are used both to capture and to help tourists.However, this type of translation, due to its strong socio-cultural component, entails many difficulties in putting it into practice.

Lack of knowledge

In tourist translation, it is essential to have a deep knowledge of the culture of the country and its characteristics. A direct translation is needed broad knowledge of the own culture while that in the inverse translation is important to know the culture of the target language and put in the place of the potential recipient.

We can also add the complication for the restrictions of space by the publication of the text in a given medium and adjustments to the format of the text to this obstacle. In this case, the work of the translator and the developer plays a fundamental role to be as faithful as possible to the original format.

Anthroponyms, toponyms and personal names

The names always pose a problem when it comes to translate them and in the case of the tourism still frequently already tourist texts translation contain numerous references to proper names (from the name of the museums to raids in the) typical gastronomy of each region).

-In the case of place names exist equivalents in other languages, but this does not always occur. The translator is required to document, atlases and encyclopedias to be your best allies.

-In the case of gastronomic references and own idiosyncrasy, the translator will seek the solution according to the function of the text. Some photos are already famous and viral with uppercase errors that we find in the tourist menus of many restaurants.